At Voltaix, we are more than a manufacturer of chemicals. We are a company dedicated to creating a culture of innovation and collaboration.

We work with thought leaders and researchers in industry and academia to develop new materials that enable revolutionary devices to be created.

We work with manufacturers to innovate new products (and enhance existing ones) in order to improve device performance and manufacturability.

We achieve this by gathering and creating the necessary intellectual capital and building the required facilities and capabilities. For example:

  • Innovative Leadership - The drive to create new and innovative products is an integral part of Voltaix culture. The company’s top management team, led by co-founder and Chief Scientist John de Neufville, is technically trained in chemistry, materials science and engineering and their technical leadership drives innovation at all levels of the company.

  • Dedicated R&D Facility - Voltaix maintains a research and development facility that includes state-of-the-art analytical equipment. Our R&D staff’s constant innovations include creating new molecules, characterizing their properties, performing “proof of concept” depositions and developing analytical methods to fully characterize materials.

  • Modeling - Voltaix helps its customers solve manufacturing problems with the use of chemical and process modeling. This allows us to predict whether a new molecule and/or manufacturing technique is likely to succeed.

  • Engineering/Technical Group - We also maintain an engineering team that is capable of taking new products that were created in the laboratory and scaling up to manufacture them in industrial quantities.

Innovation and collaboration are critical to tackling tough processing challenges presented by lower thermal budgets in advanced microelectronics manufacture.

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